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myoshka_bioBorn in 1978 to an English father and Singaporean mother, the mix of Eastern and Western cultures has a significant influence on Myoshka’s life and work. Practicing skills from a number of visual disciplines with meticulous and painstaking focus, Myoshka works across a growing range of media. Many of the artworks Myoshka himself and followers of his work have tattooed on their bodies.

Myoshka’s oeuvre is driven by balance and contrast. The artist re-appropriates symbols and sacred geometric shapes from religious contexts such Buddhism and Islam. For each element of Myoshka’s work, one finds its opposite closely integrated: he explores the interaction between negative and positive, the dialogue between light and dark and the tension between disruption and harmony. The patterns have a powerful optical effect. In each work a core symbol or element is appropriated and mastered by the artist. He coerces the geometry into compositions by taking the elements, repeating, distorting and interlocking them, subtly adjusting each repetition until it transmutes from positive to negative. In some works we see the suggestion of dimensionality but this is elusive and never revealed explicitly. Even with careful analysis and understanding of the transformations employed by the artist, the patterns are mesmerizing and defy comprehension.

Myoshka is covert about how his personal beliefs correlate to the symbolism he utilises. “All of the patterns already exist in so many different ways, I just connect the dots.” He concedes that creating these intricate, highly detailed patterns and forms is meditative process. One suspects that he is drawn to the power of the symbols and relates to them in a complex manner. Given the eastern and western combination of his nationality, and the fact that many of these patterns are tattooed on his body, it is fair to assume that they are highly personal.

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