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  1. such a nice shirt ! wish i had one 🙂

    • thanks clarence… will be out later this year with maharishi. will let everyone know when i got first samples!

  2. Good to know.


  3. hello myoshka,

    i am very happy to have found your site.

    you have investigated and expressed your own artist vision very deeply. this, i think, requires much self-belief. although i’m sure when your work is at its best it comes to you very easily and there in you find yourself anew.

    i was looking to send you an email, but could not find a contact on this site.

    my very best wishes to you

    harvey rayner 🙂

    btw – i’d like to buy this t-shirt if it is available for sale.

    • Hi harvey,
      sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. very busy this end!
      thank you for your kind words…. i don’t know about self-belief… more self-doubt that spurs me on!
      my email is
      the dalai tshirt you like has not made it through to production unfortunately (I love it) but Maharishi felt it was too Prayer like / too religious.
      if more interest is shown then I may push a bit harder for it again.

      there is a limited edition swasi tshirt and hoodie set being released this week with Maharishi. will be on the blog soon.
      let me know if you’re interested when you see it on the blog.

      keep in touch


  4. hy myoshka

    push this shirt, push it. it’s great!
    i just start to learn about the world of geometric art.
    love most of your work!
    keep on goin’
    is maharashi the only “chanel” you sell your art?

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